“Both my girls love attending Bright Babes! They can’t wait till they start back this year!”

Jennie Cook


“These women are like family. the biggest box that had to be ticked on my list when I chose a daycare – was how much the carers genuinely cared and loved the children…Bright Babes ticked it, and the rest. You can have a place as sterile as you can, as many toys as possible and whatever outlay you like – but nothing beats a genuine smile, willing cuddle and a warm chest for my kids to rest their heads on when they need it……Love you guys!”

Rachel Morris


“My daughter has been at Bright Babes since she was 3 months old and I couldn’t have hoped for a more caring and amazing carer like Antz. Her and the rest of the Team with the babies and toddlers are so loving, they’re like a second family to my little girl!”

Amy McArthur


“It was the best 7 years working for Bright Babes, I’m going to miss the awesome team, owners, children and Whanau as I head off on my big OE. It’s been an Honor to watch our amazing children grow and develop while working with an awesome group of teachers and parents. Arohanui Whanau”

Claire Stevens


“These girls are like family, can’t say enough positive things about them. I have 3 happy boys who love and have loved their time at Bright Babes!!”

Danielle Bixley

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"Respectful and Collaborative relationships exist among children, parents and staff. Parents appreciate that teachers provide their children with a learning environment that is safe, enjoyable, friendly and inclusive."

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