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The preschool and kindergarten at Bright Babes Early Learning Centre caters to 3 and 4-year-olds. Many have graduated through the Bright Babes nursery and toddler areas of our childcare centre, located on the same site at the preschool and kindergarten, although many come from other child care centres in Hamilton. With before and after school care also available and a convenient location directly beside Pukete School in Hamilton, it’s easy to see why parents that use Bright Babes for their child’s early childhood education are pleased with their decision.

The curriculum is designed to build skills through play-based activities. Independence in all self-help skills is a major focus. Routines and rituals give order and meaning to time, and the predictability of these give stability to the children’s days.

You are welcome to visit our Hamilton day care, preschool or kindergarten to find out more. Give us a call or complete an enrolment enquiry to arrange a time.


Experiences in the pre-school years pave the way for children’s future learning

Following on from the Bright Babes nursery and toddler child care centres, the preschool and kindergarten values virtues such as tolerance, co-operation, compassion, patience, perseverance, empathy, personal responsibility and self-discipline. These are qualities which will support children as they grow into responsible adults. Trained teachers model theses virtues as well as providing clear limits and boundaries for the children. Praise, encouragement and carefully selected storybooks will be used to reinforce examples of virtues.

Foundation skills for literacy and mathematics are given through the use of a variety of materials with increasing complexity, as children gain skills and knowledge leading to…

  • a good understanding of book conventions (vital for beginning readers).
  • a love of story telling and good listening skills with comprehension of beginning middle and end of stories.
  • knowledge of the alphabet (symbols and sounds and blends).
  • enjoyment of mark making from random scribbles to recognizable letters and recognition of and the ability to, write their own name.
  • understanding of mathematical concepts of more (addition) and less (subtraction).
  • grouping of like objects (mathematical sets) through sorting and matching.
  • spacial awareness through the use of precisely graded blocks giving rise to balance, symmetry, understanding of concepts of behind, in front, onto, underneath and beside.
  • rich accessories with blocks to encourage fantasy, creativity and imagination.
  • science materials to understand magnetism, electricity, light, sound, water, air, animals and plants.
  • natural materials like sand, water and clay to understand sinking, floating quantity. Building and moulding these leads to strengthened hands so your child will be able to write longer once at school.

Once your child turns four, they participate in our lending library and can choose a book for sharing at home. This is to encourage the habit of reading with you and to practice taking responsibility. We don’t expect your child to be able to read them, all we are doing is getting them and you into a good homework habit.

In the term before your child goes to school, you will notice more time is allocated to individual and group work with the emphasis on attention, following instructions and building confident self-help skills.

Before and after school care

Children familiar with Bright Babes nursery, toddler and preschool child care centres enjoy returning as ‘big kids’ to attend our before and after school care programme. This programme takes a fun and creative approach to learning, supporting children to develop their interests. The small group size means each child receives the attention they need.

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Although Bright Babes Early Learning Centre is located in Pukete, our families often come from other parts of Hamilton. Frequently there are families on the roll from Rototuna, Te Rapa, Queenwood and Forest Lake. Read more about their experience at Bright Babes then contact us to find out more or arrange a time to visit.

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"Respectful and Collaborative relationships exist among children, parents and staff. Parents appreciate that teachers provide their children with a learning environment that is safe, enjoyable, friendly and inclusive."

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