Quality systems promote positive outcomes for infants in daycare

With a small group size and ratios of one adult to every three babies, each child’s needs are well catered for in the nursery at Bright Babes Early Learning Centre, Pukete, Hamilton. The environment is set up to be interesting yet uncluttered, with resources chosen carefully to benefit the babies’ development. The experienced team’s practice is guided by the theories of Gerba and Pikler, which promote respectful, responsive care, and predictable routines for babies.

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Developmentally appropriate daycare for babies

At very young ages, your baby will be offered passive toys to handle such as large handkerchiefs, scarves, stainless steel bowls and bottles partially filled with water. Once they are mobile they will enjoy the fascinating treasure baskets that are available.

The infant’s area at Bright Babes Early Learning Centre is integrated within the toddler area, enabling our youngest tamariki to observe their older peers while feeling safe and secure in the dedicated space.

Once your baby is mobile and more able to follow their individual interests, they will begin to transition to the toddler area, in full consultation with you. They are able to return to the infant daycare area for sleep and time out if they need it.

Our Philosophy and what you can expect for your child

Magda Gerber is a Hungarian who became interested in infant care when noticing how her paediatrician spoke to and attended to her own preschool children. This was Emmi Pikler who founded the Emmi Pikler Institute in Budapest.

Pikler was involved in the care of babies and young children who were living in the Lotzy Orphanage after the war in Europe. This care was given in a respectful, responsive and reciprocal manner with consistency and predictability in the babies’ routines.

Gerber began talking about respectful care in the 1970s which was somewhat controversial at that time as respect was seen to be something that children should learn to give adults. Gerber believed that respect must go both ways. Gerber believes that if we treat infants with respect they will become autonomous / self-initiators.

She believed that babies need:

  • dignity
  • appropriate and timely response to needs
  • consistent communication
  • recognizable routines
  • respect
  • their competency verified
  • space and attention
  • help not rescue
  • a safe, predictable environment
  • the undistracted presence of their particular caregiver

Magda Gerber’s philosophy of infant educare is used at Bright Babes Early Learning Centre and a ‘primary care’ system which complements this philosophy.

Primary care systems benefit nursery children and their families

Bright Babes Early Learning Centre utilises a primary care system in the infant area, meaning your child can connect more strongly with those caring for them, which research shows is beneficial for development.

The primary care system promotes a sense of respect, with the child being seen as an individual, with specific needs and desires. The primary care system used in the infant’s nursery at Bright Babes Early Learning Centre means parents and other family members have a direct ‘go-to’ person that is familiar with their needs and values and is a main point of communication regarding these.

It is only once your baby is comfortable around other toddlers and teachers that we will work with you to transition them into the toddler area. You will find Bright Babes Early Learning Centre is one of the few childcare centres in Hamilton that have two separate, developmentally based, toddler groups.

Early childhood centres that support families

With a huge selection of daycare options in Hamilton, it’s a good sign that families often travel from suburbs such as Rototuna, Te Rapa, Queenwood and Forest Lake to attend Bright Babes Early Learning Centre for their childcare. You can read what some of them think of the early childhood education provided at Bright Babes in these testimonials.

To find out more about how Bright Babes Early Learning Centre, Hamilton can support your family with nursery care for infants, childcare for toddlers and 20 hours ECE for preschool children, contact us today. If you need before or after school care in Hamilton we can help with that too.

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"Respectful and Collaborative relationships exist among children, parents and staff. Parents appreciate that teachers provide their children with a learning environment that is safe, enjoyable, friendly and inclusive."

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